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punk_knitters's Journal

Punk Rock Knitters
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WWW Punk Knitter's Search

Community based on crafty people who don't fit into the traditional molds of k1 p1. All ages! All genders! EVERYBODY! Click here to join us!

Rules (oMFG!)
We broke down. We had to make rules. We're not going to kick anyone or ban them from posting, unless the person is a total asshole and keeps doing it. Please, be considerate of the following:

  1. Finished Objects (FOs)

    • Please put all pictures behind a lj-cut tag. It is the friendly thing to do. Example:

      <lj-cut text="Fun and Imaginative Description of Project"> [ your image here ] </lj-cut>

    • Please post what yarn you've used for your project, as well as what pattern and where you found the pattern

  2. Keep your post productive and constructive. Here's a Guide to Critiquing, that will give you a good idea of how to critique an art object. Saying you love/hate something isn't productive to the person who created it without reasoning.

  3. Don't post anything you want to trade. There is a really great community for that (knitswap)

  4. Need to post to Charity Knitters? Try charity_knitter!

  5. Don't post things that are off topic.

  6. Don't try to sell us your stuff. We'd rather not know that you've made eight million indie buttons with cute knitting needles on them and that we should all buy them from you. It's what people like to call "spam."

  7. We're not a charity organization. Please don't publicize your (insert event here) that you're making people pay for either (space) (time). It is one thing to post marches/picketing/etc.; just make sure it is knitting related. Good example: Knitting uteruses for Women's rights (no money involved) = good thing, Saying that you want to sell tables to your local craft show (no matter what the bleeding heart cause) = not good thing. There are a ton of communities out there that specialize in these topics. We know you're trying to "get your message out," but you're also asking people for money.

  8. Be kind to your fine feathered friends, for they may be somebody's sister/brother. We haven't had any snark problems, and we'd like to keep it that way. If you are caught being a bitch/asshole/etc. you will be banned and reported to liverjournal abuse.

IF YOU ARE BEING ABUSED: send email with your username and a url of the post to: diyknitters@gmail.com

Don't know if you can carry an item on the plane?
US: FAA Restricted/Permitted items

Canada: Canadian Air Transport Security Authority Checklist

How do I post?
How to post...well, you need a Live Journal account, and you'll need to "subscribe" to the community by clicking here or copying & pasting this link: http://www.livejournal.com/community/join.bml?comm=punk_knitters

After you have joined the community, you can post to the community by logging in to your livejournal account and clicking on journal > update. Type in your message and then, at the bottom there is a dropdown menu for Post to: select punk_knitters, then click on either preview, which allows you to preview your message before it is posted, or click on Update Journal.

How do I post pictures?
Posting pictures is a little more tricky. You have to have them posted on another site such as flickr and link to them on the punk_knitters site. The way to do that is:
<lj-cut text="Here's some of my FOs">

<img src="http://www.theurlforyourphoto.com/image.gif">

The <lj-cut text=""> will post the pictures behind the page so it doesn't cause people's friend's pages to scroll and is in general a nice thing to do. People can then click on the link to see the full post with your images.

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