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OK, this is not so much a knitting question as a question about how to find an item related to the thing I'm knitting, but here goes: does anyone know a source (on or offline) for black fiberfill for knitted pillows? I'm knitting this awesome pink-and-black star pillow for my couch, and halfway through I realized that even though I'm knitting it very densely, some of the white guts are bound to show through, especially at the puffiest part in the middle, and at the intarsia gaps. I can't find it anywhere online, which is weird because I would think this would be a very lucrative market.

Alternatively, is it possible to dye fiberfill and what kind of dye do you use?

Just so this isn't a knitting-free post, here is one of my latest projects.

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Free 2-day shipping at Amazon.com for students

Amazon is offering a free year of their Amazon Prime service (normally $79 a year) to any student with a .edu email address. Not only does this give you free 2-day shipping on all orders, but you can also get next day shipping for $3.99: http://www.amazon.com/gp/student/signup/info

If you're an avid Amazon shopper, this would be a great time to have free 2-day shipping due to their week long Black Friday Sale.

Help translating Finnish Knitting Pattern?

This is a bit random but I thought I'd post just incase anyone can help!

I want to knit this hat. The pattern is free but only in Finnish. By looking at it's Ravelry entry and the translation of knitting terms here, I've worked out the basics however I'm unable to read the pattern for ribbed part which is in chart form here - I'm assuming it's fisherman's rib/brioche, I basically don't understand what the sentence "nosta s neulomatta, lanka jaa tyon nurjalle puolelle" could mean - google translator translates it as "raise s to knit, yarn divide the work on the wrong side".
If anyone has any idea, I would be very grateful for any help!
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So, sweaters. I want to make one, considering they're the knitting cliche (aside from socks), and I've never actually made one before. However, the vast majority of patterns I've seen are horribly unflattering to larger cup sizes, which presents a problem if I actually want to wear it. Does anyone have any patterns that would work?
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Advent Calendar

I'm so very proud!

I've been knitting an advent calendar for my nieces, and it actually looks like I might get it finished in time to get to them before December! It's going to be 24 little stockings, which I intend to fill with sweets and chocolates and little toys. I've still got one to knit, and nine to sew up and embroider numbers on, but I'm nearly done and can't wait to share it with you all!

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It's made of acrylic, because it doesn't need to feel lovely as it won't be worn (not that acrylic necessarily feels un-lovely!) and I wanted it to be fairly hard-wearing so it can be re-used next year. It was going to be a stash-buster, but then I went out and got a few new balls of acrylic so I could have more colours. Oops!

If anyone wants a go, it's really simple and I've put the pattern on Ravelry.

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Ultra mini FO

about 1" high. Yes, that is a Taco Bell sauce packet.
Took me about 20 minutes (kept dropping stitches on the bobbles...)
Made with sock yarn and 6mm safety eyes using US # 1 knitting needles.
I'm using him as a cell phone charm.

Pattern is "Mini Alien" on Ravelry.com

Finally... A finished project. I'm still working on all of my larger projects. Seems like I can't finish anything unless it takes 10 work hours or less to complete.
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Oh Man....

Been an extremely long time since I have posted...what happened???

So was doing some much needed organizing yesterday...came across "about" 5 ufo's (theses are ufo's that I have forgotten about...not the ones that I am aware of :) ) Pair of hand warmers (only one finished), Pair of socks (only one knitted), afghan (actually there are 2 of those, but just counting as one) that I was crocheting, a Shrug that all the pieces are pretty much done except a half of a sleeve (I mean really, why would I stop at the last 1/2 of sleeve), a skirt and Hydrangea purse (also, known as one of the most tedious projects EVER so of course I made 2) which all the pieces are knitted and felted, just have to put together ...I really need to get busy....

But here is a pic of my one fished purses.....