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Nintendo DS case.

My beloved little brother bought me a Nintendo DS. He is the bestest.

Also, I have spent far too long playing it. And approximately the same amount of time making a case for it. Knitted, of course. Pattern also under cut.

If anyone wants the pattern (as created by yours truly) comment here and I'll spend some time writing it up.

A pink version without the handles - used plastic hoops and pink ribbon as ties instead.

Edit: The Pattern!
Copyright Tanya Fish, not to be used for commercial purposes, and all that.
I used normal acrylic double knitting wool. Size 3.25mm needles (bamboo, but it doesn't make a difference). You need a darning needle to stitch it up at the end.

Cast on 28 stitches.
Row 1: K2, P2 - repeat until end.
Row 2: P2, K2 - repeat until end.
Row 3: K2, P2 - repeat until end.

Row 4: K2, P2 - repeat until end.
Row 5: P2, K2 - repeat until end.
Row 6: K2, P2 - repeat until end.

It should make little squares. Continue until you have done 90 rows in total.

Cast off the first 8 stitches. Put the next 4 onto a stitch holder. Cast off a further 12 stitches. Put the next 4 stitches onto a stitch holder. Cast off the final 8 stitches.

Take either of the four from the holder.
K2, P2
P2, K2
K2, P2
K2, P2
P2, K2
K2, P2
Repeat until the strap is 44 rows long.
Cast off.

Do the same for the other 4 stitches that you saved. Tie off any loose ends and weave in the spare bits.

Then, fold the case 33 rows from the non-strap end. Sew up the sides, leaving the loose flap with the straps on.

Sew a button to the top (case end) of each strap.

Poke a pencil or similar into the end of your straps to loosen up the stitches. Jiggle it around a bit, then you should find that you have a buttonhole the lazy way. Wrap the straps all the way around the DS case, and fasten onto the buttons.

Any questions, comment or email. :) In addition, if you make this please email me a picture, it'd be nice!
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