Erica L. Satifka (themachinestops) wrote in punk_knitters,
OK, this is not so much a knitting question as a question about how to find an item related to the thing I'm knitting, but here goes: does anyone know a source (on or offline) for black fiberfill for knitted pillows? I'm knitting this awesome pink-and-black star pillow for my couch, and halfway through I realized that even though I'm knitting it very densely, some of the white guts are bound to show through, especially at the puffiest part in the middle, and at the intarsia gaps. I can't find it anywhere online, which is weird because I would think this would be a very lucrative market.

Alternatively, is it possible to dye fiberfill and what kind of dye do you use?

Just so this isn't a knitting-free post, here is one of my latest projects.

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